About Us

About Us

Smt. Padma BinaniThe Padma Binani Foundation is a government-recognized non-governmental organization located in India which addresses issues such as:

  • Children's Welfare and Education
  • Adult Literacy
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Revival of Traditions 

To reach its objectives, the Padma Binani Foundation has established three bodies or missions which plan, orchestrate and execute nodal projects all over India:

  • Vatsalya
  • Suranjali
  • Akshar 

We build and sustain partnerships with governmental agencies, community leaders, literary stalwarts and other non-profit organizations to fulfill our mission. With a dynamic and dedicated leader, Smt. Padma Binani at the helm, the Foundation has made several notable contributions in the fields of education, literature and the fine arts. We urge you not only to visit the various pages on our web site but also to get in touch with us to explore new possibilities and tread unchartered territories. 

Aims & Objectives

The Padma Binani Foundation strives to create a widespread awareness of our rich cultural heritage in a modern era. As a reflection of its commitment to India's literary glory, the Foundation also aims to revive interest in the seminal writings of ancient Indian poets.

The goal of the Foundation is to blend the rich poetic treasures of India's saint-poets with melodious Indian music and present it to the world. This two-pronged approach to archiving India's deep-rooted literary and musical past in the broader context of the present and the future has attained a concrete manifestation through the publication of many music titles melodiously rendered by the leading artists of India.

The Foundation's aim is also to publish books of substance, highlighting the core values of Indian culture. Smt. Padma Binani has been committed to bringing Indian cultural heritage closer to the younger minds. With this objective, efforts are being made to bring to the fore, excellence in children's literature in different Indian languages.

The Foundation recognizes and encourages the talent and the contributions made by both emerging and established writers by funding an annual awards program in which each year, writers representing India's diverse literary traditions are honored for their significant contributions to India's literary heritage.


The primary mission of the Padma Binani Foundation is to make a small and yet significant contribution to India's cultural preservation initiatives in view of today's contrarian influences. Modern day movements, in some cases, run contrary to what our country and its culture represent. We pledge to instill in he younger generation, the necessary strength and fortitude of character to counter these paradoxical influences so that tomorrow's leaders can emerge strong and can be fortified with a deep-rooted bond and a sense of belonging to their community. It is our endeavor to revitalize the rich cultural heritage and traditions of our society by allowing young children to think and dream, to act judiciously and to take decisions that are selfless and in the larger interest of the nation. This mission is being achieved by providing today's youth with unqualified access to purposeful and superior quality children's literature. The Foundation also aims to promote and support the publication of books on Indian philosophy, culture and heritage with strong social and philosophical  content. The Foundation aspires to protect and preserve as a custodian the treasures of Indian classical, devotional and folk music through an active music publishing program.




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